Which is the best level 1 trauma center to work at in MN?

  1. I am a pre-nursing student here in MN and I am interested in becoming an ICU nurse at one of the level 1 trauma centers in the metro area, (Regions, HCMC, North Memorial). I am wondering if any one would recomend or not recomend working at one, none, or all of them. Which one might have better benifits or pay, and also how well managed each facility is or is not. Any input would be greatly appretiated. Thanks for your time.

    PS- I plan on getting a job there first as a nursing assistant within the next 6 months or so, so when I become an RN I will be competitive in the hiring prosess... hopefully. So if anyone has any specific experience in that area too, I would love the info. Thanks again.
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  3. by   PeepnBiscuitsRN
    Well, I work at Regions, so I'm pretty biased. I love working at Regions, and I highly recommend it.
  4. by   WillowNMe
    I also work at Regions and absolutely love it.
  5. by   inforthelonghaul
    Do either of you know why Regions wasn't ranked in the "Best Hospitals" in Minneapolis/St.Paul by US News and World Report? They rank 11 other hospitals in the metro area and Regions isn't on there at all. I found this to be very perplexing. Any ideas on why? Here's the link.

  6. by   Twinsfan
    For ICU? Check out HCMC - if they are hiring....I suggest take any ICU job you can get as there is a job shortage still. 2000 RN's were layed off and you are competing with them for jobs right now. Not to sound negative, but as a new grad, in this day & age, you are in no position to be picky like we could be 10-20 years ago.

    Regions & North are good places too. Good luck with school & welcome!
  7. by   inforthelonghaul
    My goal is to start working at one of the level 1's as a nursing assistant, or nurse tech. I'm not even in the nursing program yet. So in two years after I have been working at one of these places I can go strait to work. It has nothing to do with being picky, I'm just trying to set myself up with the best possible oppertunity before I graduate, as apposed to after. Thanks for your help though.