Twin Cities Nursing after Alina Strike

  1. Hello all,
    Im an ED RN in southern WI looking into moving to the Twin Cities area some time in the next year or so. I was curious how things have changed since the recent Alina issues and strike. I see lots of pre-strike posts and other sources saying Abbott Northwestern treats their nurses well, but I also read that Abbott is part of the Alina system, and I'm hesitant to apply to that system without some insight into how things are post-strike.

    I'm wondering if anyone could give me any information on hospitals in that area and how they treat their nursing staff.

    I'd appreciate anything you be willing to share!
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  3. by   tblase33
    I am not a nurse (yet) but work for Allina. It's a great system, however, the nurses do not seem to be happy in the past few months. I work in a non-nursing position and I love my management and team and the benefits are awesome! However, some nurses say they would not recommend to anyone and that the management is terrible. North memorial is also having a lot of turn over of management so that could either be a good thing or bad thing as new people take the positions. The most happy I see nurses are with Fairview (university of Minnesota) and Fairview is taking over health east soon. I'd say look into Fairview or Hennepin county as the other two systems (Allina and north) straighten themselves out.