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Hey, anyone know how many people applied for St Kates post bac program this year vs how many will get in? Anyone heard back yet? Thanks! Molly... Read More

  1. by   Toots71506
    Hi everyone - Does anyone know what it means at St. Kate's to be put on an alternate list? I understand that I didn't get a for sure spot for 2009 or 2010 but I have more questions around it all...

    I am put on the list for 2010 so if no one gives up their spot, what happens to those on the list? Do we have to reapply for 2011 or do we automatically get a spot in 2011? How many are one these "alternate" lists? Also, does anyone know why they filled the 2010 spots too?

    If anyone has any information about this I'd be greatly appreciated!
  2. by   bae1979

    I applied for the program to start Fall 2008. I received an alternate letter. They had accepted 27 out of 150+ applicants. Shortly after that I received a call that they were offering 2008 alternates admission for Fall 2009. So, a year later I am going to be starting the program!

    But, back to your question... I think they will probably contact you in the upcoming months. I know they are doing financial aid, scheduling, etc for Fall 2009 right now. I think the first orientation I went to was in December. At that point they were letting us register for Winter and Spring 2009 courses if you wanted- but we weren't "officially" starting the program yet. Even if you took a few courses early you are stuck on the 3.5 year track.

    Hopefully that helps? I learned you just have to be patient... And although a year seems really far away- it comes up relatively quickly.

  3. by   andpeggy
    For anyone who got into STK's post-bac program for this fall--have you heard anything yet about an orientation? Thanks!
  4. by   mollysdirtysprocket
    Yeah, it's Aug 12 or 13-- whichever is the Weds. You should've received that letter by now. Call 'em up!
  5. by   andpeggy
    Thanks mollysdirtysprocket...I called them a week ago, and then received the letter in the mail that evening!
  6. by   mollysdirtysprocket
    Hey did you have any prereqs to transfer in to the program? Did they accept them? They rejected three of mine Hopefully I can appeal it...
  7. by   andpeggy
    I actually got all of my prereqs transferred in except chem--anatomy, phys and lifespan development. Which 3 did you get rejected? I know that they changed the chem requirement for the 09 cohort, which is why my chem got rejected.

    Good luck with your appeal! I hear that Laura is really hard to get ahold of...

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