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Hey, you all how are the nurses of MN doing? I'm new to this area but have posted on here a couple of times. I've noticed the MN forum is pretty quite? Just thought I'ld post this to encourage all... Read More

  1. by   minneRN
    Oh no!!!!! We are loosing another one!!!! Just kidding pk! Much luck to you in your move to Virginia. Keep in touch with us when you get there and keep posting in our Minne board, 'cause there's no else to talk to but a few others!!!:chuckle
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    Hey MN nurses, a friend told me about this site (you you ami_j). My husband and I are moving to Virginia at the end of the month and I can tell you their postings are even quieter! I posted a few times, with no response for a long time. I will definatetly miss the snow but not the COLD! I am a peds RN in burnsville at Fairview Ridges (evenings) I know they have already posted my position! That is ok as long as I find a great job in VA. Anyone have any comments or ideas about moving from a general peds floor to PICU or a step down floor!
  2. by   minneRN
    Hi Spazzy: Haven't started to look for a job just yet. My hubbie and I will be taking a few months off to get acclimated and familiar with our new home and the state. That goodness that will be able to do that. After that, I'm not sure what I'll want to get into. Maybe research, medtronics, case management, ccu, or maybe a little bit of both!!! I get really bored really quick (I just managed to find that out!!!:chuckle ) So I think if I get 2 part time jobs, one clinical and one research, it will keep my mind busy and unbored....if you see anything come up....give me a SHOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm not actually going to be living on a "lake". I'll be living in big lake township. QUOTE]

    Oops. Guess it would help if I read posts before replying to them. :chuckle Regardless, good luck with your move! Have you already started job hunting? What type of job are you looking for?