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  1. I am hoping someone has some information on this topic. Back in 2013, an acquaintance was placed on supervised watch at her place of employment (as an RN). She had been caught diverting narcotics. She failed to remain within their criteria and her employment was terminated. She found other employment, unfortunately with much greater access to narcotics and was caught stealing pills and writing out prescriptions in others names to obtain more narcotics. She was arrested and a stipulation to cease practicing nursing was handed down.

    A short time later, she was convicted of a felony, and a suspension was given. The reinstatement verbage is as follows: "Licensee may petition for reinstatement of her license following 24 months from the date of this order AND completion of probation". She has been denied probation discharge 3 times so far and has repeatedly been her parents she is getting her license back (she's stated this several times in the last 2 years). She's not saying this in general terms - but telling them it's happening within weeks/months (and again - has pulled this a few times).

    There are several hoops to jump through for this to happen and the MN BON has listed many things that have to happen in order for her to make this work. My concern is that she lied in court about the severity of the situation and likely has lied to others. She told the court that this happened as a result of a surgical procedure she had done and that she only turned to narcotics to be able to return to work to support her family. The truth is that it had been going on for at least 5 years prior to that surgery... she has stolen from several family members (they all know each others stories) and as I'm a friend of one family member, I've had seen the home video taken of her stealing pills a few years prior to the surgery so It's likely the other family members stories of theft are correct too. This woman has ruined so many relationships between her family members just to cover up her lies/drug habit/stealing - and to this day (to my knowledge) hasn't come clean about many horrible lies she's told in the past.

    I've encouraged a couple of her family members to turn over the video to the police, and to share with law enforcement all the pieces of the story that are being intentionally left out. This woman has tried to get off probation a few times based on the dishonest story she presented to the court to begin with. her parents are well aware of her past and have been approached by at least 3 other family members who told them she stole from them too... in fact, her parents have also admitted to her stealing from them (narcotics is what she's stolen from everyone involved) - but they have gone right along with her story about how it didn't start until she had surgery (their theft occured a couple years prior and they knew about the other thefts before this surgery as well)... they are absolutely covering for her by collaborating her story - and it has torn their whole family apart.

    I have watched this all from the sidelines and feel horribly guilty for not coming forward with what I know - or at least attempting to share this information with someone who can at least ponder what to do next (if anything).

    I'm wondering how tough the MN BON is on people like her? Would they truly give her her license back? Would she possibly ever get access to narcotics again as an RN if she was to return to a licensed position? I worry that she's not entirely "past this" since she continues to lie to those who love her and since others are covering to enable her lies... Does anyone have any insight or suggestions on how to proceed?
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