Overtime pay?

  1. Is overtime based on 40+ hours/ week or 80+ hours/ 2 weeks?

    And, how does the Minnesota Nursing Union calculate overtime pay? Is it 1.5 or double?

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  3. by   oMerMero
    When overtime starts varies a little bit. Are you referring to Fairview? From my experience with Fairview...Typically, if you work 8 hour shifts, overtime will start after 80 hours/2weeks (8/80). If you work 12 hour shifts, overtime will start after 12 hours/day or over 40 hours in a week. Anything over 12hrs is double time.
  4. by   Sassybottom

    So, if you work 80+ hours/ 2 weeks will you be paid double as well? Or, will it be 1.5? Do you also get paid double for working holidays or coming in on your day off or is it 1.5?

    Thanks for answering my questions And, yes I am talking about the fairview system.
  5. by   oMerMero
    From what I remember about the 8/80...(I always worked 12hrs)...In a day, the first 8hrs are straight time, hours 8-12 are 1.5 time (if you stayed 4 hours extra), any hours after 12 in a day are double time. Working 16 hours is a long time, but the money adds up quickly! I used to be able to negotiate too...I will stay late if I can have tomorrow off kind of thing. Anything over 80hrs/2weeks is 1.5...unless you are doing a double.

    As far as coming in during your day off, I am not sure how that is working these days. That is something they would change every few years. For awhile they had bonuses, but I am not sure if they are still around.

    Holidays...I could be wrong, but I think those were 1.5 pay, with the exception of Christmas, which was double. If you work the holiday can also get paid PTO time for those hours to make more money, but then that is one less day off you can take.

    Is Southdale part of the union? Some of the union things are a little bit different, and I am not very familiar with them...but in general they are the same. I am assuming the overtime pay rates are the same at all Fairview hospitals.

    I hope this helps!
  6. by   louisianalvn
    Federal Law, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), trumps state law.

    Some of the ways that health care facilities (especially skilled nursing ones) cheat workers
    out of their overtime is:

    1) Tell you to arrive early for report and THEN clock in.
    2) Interrupt your lunch hour - even for a minute - then you are entitled to be paid for the hour
    3) Make you attend meetings off the clock
    4) Tell you to clock out and finish your charting or other work
    5) Tell you to clock out and do the narcotics count
    6) Tell you to clock out and wait for your relief.

    They always threaten you with the loss of your license if you don't stay.

    A group of Texas nurses has filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act to collect their overtime.
    Although it talks about LVN's, documentation suggests that Med Aides, CNA's, housekeeping,
    and food service will join in to collect their back money

    It looks like the suit is expanding nation wide to many skilled nursing facilities.

    Read about it here:

  7. by   ollie_boy
    this was very helpful! I didn't know that about the Fair Labor Standards Act. I'm an in home care giver and have had questions about this kind of stuff forever but my employer gives me zero help.

    Overtime pay for nurses seems to be a big topic these days.

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