Nursing shoes in Twin Cities?

  1. Hi,

    Where can I buys some decent nursing shoes? I saw a bunch online but how do I know how they'll fit if I can't try them on?! Are there any places that sell nursing shoes in the Twin Cities. I have very flat arches, so I need something will a lot of support. Are nursing shoes supposed to be all white? Are there any that one can clean easily?

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  3. by   mom2cka
    I tried Dansko shoes, and found them very stiff and my feet were sore at the end of the day. My podiatrist recommended New Balance cross trainer or running shoes, which you can get most anywhere, including Kohls - and I love them. 3 years now, and with inserts from my podiatrist, am feeling good, even after a long shift!
  4. by   esunada
    Thanks! I decided to take your advice and go with New Balance. They do feel nurse. I'll be putting them to the test this week.