NHCC Fall '17 Start

  1. Anyone heard from NHCC on acceptance to the RN program for Fall '17? I ran to the mailbox today to look for my letter-and was heart broken that it wasn't there. Anxiously waiting for mail time tomorrow!
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  3. by   FayFay94
    Omg I know what you mean, I was having such anxiety when I didn't get anything yesterday. but I got my letter today and was accepted Hopefully you got some good news too today!
  4. by   kwhavlik
    I got mine and was accepted too!! Congrats to us!!!!
  5. by   lysser
    I was accepted as well!! We should start a FB group like other cohorts have done in the other MANE 17' posts.
  6. by   kwhavlik
    That's a great idea-I didn't know they did that!!
  7. by   FayFay94
    did any of you guys get the email for the dual admission?
  8. by   lysser
    Not yet! I filled it out online and it said to expect an info email soon..
  9. by   FayFay94
    Quote from lysser
    Not yet! I filled it out online and it said to expect an info email soon..
    same here! and I get an email today says I get accepted to metro but to wait for an actually mail in 5-10 days. did you turn in your acceptance contract yet, I'm not sure if I should turn in the check and letter in the envelope or not lol
  10. by   lysser
    Yeah I sent mine in yesterday! I live in Wisconsin right now so I wanted to be sure I would get it in before the deadline and have a few days in case something terrible happened like it was lost... lol
  11. by   lysser
    Weird Q, but what do you wear to nursing school orientation? Lol like casual, business casual, etc???
  12. by   FayFay94
    Hey guys, were we supposed to turn in a Dual Admission form separately ? this is driving me crazy !!
  13. by   kwhavlik
    I didn't turn in a dual form separately. I just did it online at the website that was in the acceptance letter.

    For the question on what to wear to orientation: I'm thinking I'll just wear nice casual clothes. Not fancy, but nicer than my usual.
  14. by   Anna896
    Hey! I was looking into NHCC nursing program, and I was wondering what was your composite score for the program? Congratulations!!