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Just thought I'd start a topic for this since I haven't seen one yet for this upcoming summer. I finished applying a few weeks ago and now I'm starting to work on some other... Read More

  1. by   dawnaz23
    Hi All, I also was accepted into this Summer III Externship excited!!! They are going to send us detailed information in April to let us know what to expect and what we will need. I actually went to Google Earth to see the Townhouses (which are right next to a great park) and only 2 miles from Mayo Clinic... and a half a mile from Trader Joe's Coming from Arizona, I am going to love being out of 115 degree heat and actually being able to go outdoors in the summer! LOL I'll have a car and am already planning a trip to the Mall of America once we know our schedules (in case anyone wants to join me ... This is going to be an amazing summer! Looking forward to meeting everyone... All the best, Dawn
  2. by   labornursemeghan
    Hi dawnaz23! I'm a Summer III this year too...and I'm from Arizona as well! I can't wait to get out of the heat this summer.
  3. by   dawnaz23
    Hi Meghan,

    What nursing program are you in? I am in the NAU-MCC Concurrent Enrollment Program and love it! I start my OB rotation this week...can't wait to see a vaginal and c-sect birth And yes, the thought of a summer where we can actually go outside during the day is amazing! My email address is let's touch base before the summer as we get more info...
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  4. by   Esme12
    threads merged so you all can introduce your selves....
  5. by   labornursemeghan
    Hi Dawn,

    I'm at ASU's traditional program. I can't wait to get to MN! I am just finishing up my OB rotation--it was the best! I've always known L&D is what I want to do with my life. You'll love it!

  6. by   Beck13
    A huge congratulations on your acceptances into the Summer III Program! I was a Summer III last summer, and it is an experience of a lifetime! Words can't even describe it. I am willing to answer any questions you have - I would have loved to have someone do exactly that for me at this time last year. All I can say right now is... be excited! It's going to be a fun and helpful 10 weeks.
  7. by   labornursemeghan
    Hi @Beck13!

    Okay, I have some stupid questions.

    1. What are things you forgot but would have loved to have had at Crossroads?
    2. About how many of Summer III's from your group were offered jobs by Mayo?
    3. Do they offer an NRP class for Summer III's?
    4. What kind of opportunities does Mayo offer outside of your unit?
    5. What is orientation like?
    6. How early were you allowed to move into Crossroads/how early do you recommend getting to Rochester?

    I'm sorry! I know it's a lot of questions--I'm just so excited! Thank you!
  8. by   Beck13
    Hi Meghan!

    No worries on all of the questions I had a bunch as well. I hope I can help out!

    1. I drove to Minnesota from Pennsylvania, so I was able to bring quite a few things. Having a car is really nice. I wished I had brought a drying rack or something because the shower area (which is separate from the toilet and sink) only had one towel rack. And there was no place in there to set anything on, so you always had to throw all of your stuff on the floor. It would have been nice to have something there. You will get a list of everything that you need to bring when you get your roommates, so it's hard to forget anything! And if there was something we didn't have, Wal Mart and Target are close by . Oh, the trails there were awesome! I brought my rollerblades because I heard about the trails, and my roommate happened to do the same thing, so we rollerbladed all the time! So much fun. If you like that kind of thing.
    2. Mayo isn't hiring externally at the moment, so no one who is graduating in May has a position yet. But the Summer III's who graduated in December seemed to get jobs... But they aren't alllowed to offer you a job at the end of the summer. However, you pretty much know if your unit will hire you back if you did a good job!
    3. I don't know anything about an NRP class... they didn't offer it as far as I know. But if you look into it once you get there you might find something out.
    4. All summer you will have something new happening during the weeks! You sign up for different classes of your choosing, and they're great! You also rotate off the unit to go to the clinic or OR to see different aspects of the care provided to the types of patients you'll see on your floor. That was really a great experience as well.
    5. Orientation is awesome. It's 2 weeks, and you won't actually go to your assigned unit right away. It's a lot of learning the history of what Mayo is, and about the Mayo brothers. I don't want to spoil it for you... but it's really fun! And it gives you a really great way to kick off your summer.
    6. You are allowed to move in Saturday or Sunday. I started driving Friday night and got there Saturday afternoon. I liked doing it that way so that I could relax (and sleep!) on Saturday, and have fun at the welcome party on Sunday.

    You will learn about a lot of these things in the packet they send you in April. So be patient it's all part of the fun! Does that help? Any other questions... don't be afraid to ask! I'll be checking in!
  9. by   labornursemeghan
    Thank you! That was so helpful. It made me even more excited!
  10. by   ziggy2013
    I am interning at mayo clinic in Wisconsin this summer. I would say do not worry too much about gpa!! I was 3.6 with NO healthcare experience or extracurricular activities and got accepted. I think a huge part of it is conveying eagerness to learn from this great opportunity and expressing real compassion and desire to make a difference in peoples health care experience.
  11. by   dread_pirate_roberts
    Hi all! I know this thread is long since added to, but I was just accepted to the Summer III for 2015 and had a few questions that I'm not sure are addressed elsewhere

    1. I am wondering, for those of you who do not necessarily dream to stay in chilly Minnesota (even if Mayo is AMAZING), did this externship open any doors that you never thought (i.e. my husband and I really want to be in CA eventually, but the sooner the better, and it is extremely difficult to get hired there since I'm from ND don'tchaknow).
    2. Were many of you assigned to one of your top 3 unit choices?
    3. If you could go back in time, what would you do differently during your summer?

    I hope this post finds all of you well, and I hope wherever you are it's not -20 wind chill like it is here .

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