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  1. Hi. I am graduating in May and have my heart set on working at the Mayo Clinic. I currently live in PA and am wondering how difficult it is to get a job there for a new grad and what the interview is like. What sets someone apart from another applicant? Any responses are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   glb1960
    I applied to the Mayo clinic when I graduated in December of 2004. They were really pushing at that time for BSN's while I have my ADN. Also, any experience in some healthcare field would be benificial. Do not wait, apply, apply and apply again on their website.

    Good luck, Gary
  4. by   Jbeachgrl
    Mayo Clinic is a wonderful place to work. I strongly encourage you to apply, and they have numerous oportunities for New Grads.

    They have two hospitals in Rochester, St. Marys and Rochester Methodist, as well as the actual Mayo Clinic building. I am also graduating in May and am planning on moving up there as well from West Virginia.

    I took a summer externship up there this summer and was just amazed at how wonderful everyone is up there. The nurses really enjoy what they do. As far as interviewing, they pay for your interview expenses such as airfare, hotel, food etc. They also provide a generous relocation and househunting package. I am not sure what the actual interview process is like however so I cannot give you any advice I'm sorry!!
  5. by   tatarn2b2007
    Unfortanately, I applied for 10-12 positions at the Mayo Clinic and received rejection letters for every position! No interviews offered. I am not sure why. Maybe it is because I will only have an associates, or it is because I am in Pittsburgh, or a combo of both. I am still going to keep trying, but if I have to stay here another 2 years, I will get my BSN and try again!!!!
  6. by   glb1960
    Those are just computer generated responses to internal movement. Nurses already working there are able to bid into different jobs they want before outside hires. Keep trying and try calling HR to set up an interview. I had a big stack of those letters as well. Good luck, Gary