Hello from Minnesota

  1. This site is absolutely wonderful. People here are so helpful.

    My background - from MN, worked for corporate for a few years, decided to go into nursing as a second degree for several reasons, and now taking prerequisites and hoping to get into an accelerated program someday. I just got done w/ nutrition, loved it and did well, and now taking chemistry and lifespan human development at the U of MN. I hear chemistry is the class that weeds everyone else. Being a humanities major prior to this I'm pretty nervous but hoping for the best. You can only get to your goals if you take risks right? Well I'm taking a major one... In the mean time, volunteering and waitressing on the side. If anyone wants to commiserate and the good stuff of course, feel free to email me
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  3. by   andpeggy
    hey esunada! sounds like we have very similar backgrounds. congrats on doing well in and loving the prereqs! i've heard that a&p are actually the classes that "weed" people out, but i think pretty much any science course might do that.

    where are you thinking of applying? what was your first degree in? i am starting the post-bac program at st. kate's this fall, after working towards this for the last 3 years (and thinking about it for at least 6 years!). i'm really thrilled to be doing this finally. my first degree is in women's studies from the u, and in 3 weeks, i will be done with my corporate gig. i'm so excited. i'm hoping to find something part-time in retail or customer service or food service, so that i can find something part-time in healthcare. i've got a plan...

    nice to meet you, and welcome to the mn site! read up and keep posting and let us know your thoughts!

  4. by   esunada
    Hi Lola,

    Congrats to you as well! I just called St. Kate's and found out they won't be accepting applications for Fall 2010 as of now, the earliest is fall 2011! And then my understanding is if you have all your prerequisites done, you have to wait until 2012 to start the actual nursing program. Yikes, that's a long time to wait, but I guess you've waited a long time, too I won't be able to apply until next fall for the other programs I"m considering: U of MN, Metro State, and maybe Mankato (it's a bit of a far commute), and if all else fails, out of state schools.

    I totally suggest waitressing, it's good money! Otherwise, you could be a medical receptionist, I was considering that. Don't do retail though, bad money, and you'll want to buy everything there!

    I eventually want to take a CNA course too, so I can get some healthcare experience, but I too needed a job right after quitting corporate.

    I was a Sociology and English Major
  5. by   andpeggy
    Ah, Soc and English! Fun. That's actually probably more useful than Women's Studies, though.

    Interesting that St. Kate's is probably not accepting applications for Fall 2010. That's a bummer. Keep working towards the other programs, though; they're just as good! I thought about Mankato, too, but figured I'd have to buy a new(er) car in order to make the commute, so then I ruled it out. But I've heard from people on this site and others that it's a really great program.

    I've looked at different waitressing positions, and talked to a few people, and it seems that most restaurants want at least 2 years of recent serving experience, which I don't have. I used to waitress, but haven't done it for oh gosh, 5 years? I'm a quick learner, and I feel like waitressing is like riding a bicycle (you don't really forget how to do it, especially if you loved it like I did), but so far, no one will give me a chance...

    Anyway, hope the semester is going well for you!!