Does anyone else struggle w/weekday time off?

  1. I understand that many nurses see days off during the week as a blessing, but I wonder if I am the only one having trouble with the free time while the rest of the world is at work? With a .8 schedule that is mostly 12 hour shifts, I have a lot of free time Mon - Fri when all my family and friends are at work. Idle hands are truely the devil's tool. Movies, meal prep, projects around the house, ect..., all alone, really begin to stink after awhile.
    So... HELP! Am I missing something? Was there a secret I missed in nursing school? Something my mentors/co-workers have kept from me? A secret handshake or sign I have yet to learn?
    There are so many smart nurses here that I hope one of you take pity on me and share the secret.
    Thank you all, please be gentle and God Bless, glb1960
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