CENTURY COLLEGE nursing program waitlist question

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    I just got my letter from Century College and it says "You have been selected as an alternate with Alternate Number 002. This is your priority placement for 2010/2011. At this time we have awarded placement into the fall semester class only. Acceptance letters to alternates awarded placement into spring semester class will be mailed at a later date. In addition, should accepted students decline, alternates will be admitted to the program according to their priority number until the Nursing program begins in August 2010 or January 2011."

    I am wondering if my number is 002 does that literally mean that if 2 people drop out of the program or decline their acceptance does that mean that I AM IN?!?!?! Does it pretty much mean I forsure have a spot in spring at least or what? Does anyone know anything about this?? Thanks!!
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  3. by   sidney12
    I would be willing to bet that you will for sure be getting into the fall program. Yay for you!!! If you are #2 on the alternate list that just means that just two people need to fail to return their acceptence info and pay their deposit. Or two people to accept offers from other schools. Since most students apply to multiple schools, I'm sure there will be some who are accepted into several schools and will choose a different school over Century for whatever reason (distance from their home, etc.).

    I am just like you and want to know NOW what the deal is. It's so frustrating waiting and waiting and waiting some more. I got my letter from Century and I am #248. I knew I wouldn't get in this year but wanted see where I would rank. I only had Bio completed for the sciences and no CNA. I have all the rest of my gen ed's done, 480 paid healthcare experience and 3.6 GPA. I thought I would rank in the 400's, so 248 gives me hope for next year once I have a couple more sciences and CNA done.