Back to work after 20 years

  1. Hello out there. I have been out of the work force as a RN for 20 years. I made the decision to be a stay at home mom. Now that my 3 children have grown, I am thinking of getting back in the work force. I have been working at my husband's family business for a year but I feel the universe is pulling me back to nursing. I obviously will need to take a refresher course. I have a BA from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. I worked at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in a post-surgical ward and in the ER. I would appreciate any advice on refresher courses. All I can find is one at Normandale Community College. Does Minnesota approve any online refresher courses? Any advice would be appreciated since I feel old (46) and that maybe I have been gone too long! Is there a time limit in Minnesota for reactivating a RN license???
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    I'm not sure abut being out for 20 years. I know that some refresher programs have time limits. That sais, here's a list from the MN Board of Nursing. Make sure you read the whole page, it's towards the bottom! HTH!