Applying to RN programs everywhere??

  1. Hello guys and gals

    I am a pre-nursing student trying to apply to a few colleges. I applied to my current school (Normandale Community College) and was not accepted, lots applying! Does anyone recommend any schools in particular? I have taken all the pre-reqs and generals for NCC (all but Phys, taking that this summer) and noticing that I need Biology and Micro-Biology for other schools, which is fine.

    I know any school is difficult to get into for RN programs, but I'm going to keep trying! Applying to (hopefully):UMN, St. Kate's, NCC, Inver Hills. Not in that order, Normandale is my first choice pick. I was initially going for my 2 year, then decided that if I have to wait years to get in, I might as well try for my 4 year, right?

    What do you all think? I'm just trying to throw it out there since it seems like everyone I talk to is in the same boat as me.

    Thank you kindly, Happy Holidays!

    Sarah :heartbeat
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  3. by   lukeslichy

    I can recommend a few things based on my experiences.

    I am a student at IHCC finishing up my first semester of nursing.
    First I am shocked that Normandale doesn't require micro and biology. Those classes are the foundation of almost everything you learn in nursing school.

    Different programs have different requirements, and quite honestly it's very hard to apply to more then one or two schools. They say apply to as many schools as you can but really you kinda have to focus on one or two schools. I applied to inver and century with the same GPA and they had the same requirements and I got waitlisted 14 at inver and 74 at century! My number came up at inver luckily!

    You need to have good grades. My GPA when I applied was 3.5 for my "core classes" and 3.75 total (they look at each and give points for each). You really need to have all your pre nursing classes done before you apply. It's competitive and most people will have all their classes done. Schools also give you points for "residency" which is if you have taken a certain number of classes at that particular school. So if you want to apply to inver or century, you should probably take 12 credits there to establish residency. At least half of my class at Inver has a prior Bachelor's degree, that's another thing that you get "points" for on the application.

    I would recommend going to CC first if you can get into one then going on to an RN to BSN program. This will save you a TON of money. U of MN is very hard to get into from what I have heard. St. Kates is fairly easy to get into, when I called them they basically said I could finish my pre-nursing credits then transition directly into the nursing program. But tuition is 3x the price at St. Kates and their NCLEX pass rates have been less then stellar in the past.

    It's REALLY tough to get into programs. You are going to have to go to nursing meetings at each school you want to apply to and get as much information as you can. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you. Getting into nursing school is a battle. It took me two years of part time pre-reqs to get into a program, and I have a prior B.A.!

    Good luck to you!

  4. by   CupcakeMonster
    Hey Heidi!

    Not sure how I missed your comment!! So sorry! Thank you VERY much for your helpful and kind information. I applied to the program at Normandale for this Fall, but my GPA is .06 less than it was last semester so that is disheartening. I will be retaking the NLN exam come October, since my score was pretty lame compared to that of others that are applying.

    Do you recommend any studying habits for that test? I have the booklet and CD from last time so I think I will start studying as soon as my Physiology course is over this summer! I so badly want to get in to the nursing program at Normandale. Do you think taking Biology in the Fall is an OK idea, even if they don't require it?

    Did you take Biology and then Micro for Inver, or just Micro? I am seeing the Biology is not a pre-req for Micro Biology, but what do you think?

    Thanks SO Much and good luck with Nursing school!!! I hope to be in your shoes in the next year or so. I hate waiting!

  5. by   lukeslichy
    Hi Sarah,

    I know the feeling of waiting. Even with a prior B.A. I had to do 1.5 years worth of prereqs before I got into a program! So frusterating! I honestly don't know what the best way to study for the NLN exam is, Inver just started requiring it this year.

    Inver requires you have bio (at least they used to) within three years of applying (so frusterating, I had it 4 years before I decided to apply so I had to RETAKE IT). You really should take bio, then micro. I am not sure how successful you would be at micro without taking general bio first BUT if the school allows it then it must be do-able.

    Just do your best with your grades and get a good grade on your NLN exam. Hopefully you'll be a overwhelmed nursing student like me in a year!

  6. by   CupcakeMonster
    Thanks Heidi!!

    I think I will take Bio then Micro, just to get my bases covered!! I hope you keep me posted on how well you are doing in Nursing school, so envious right now!! That stinks SO bad that you had to retake Biology ... UGH! I would have been frustrated! I have all my stuff done, just hoping to get that darn NLN score up this year and maybe next year they will say "OOOH la la, lets accept this girl!!"