Allina vs. Healtheast Systems

  1. Hey all. I've been a member for a while, but haven't been on the site lately. I plan on getting more active as my education nears an end! I've been in school for five years and am ready to get out. I'll be graduating in May with my BSN and hopefully get my RN right after... wish me luck!

    So here's my conundrum, Allina system or the Healtheast system. My understanding is that both are union systems (yay!... I am excited since I'm extremely politically active) and pay about the same ($26 something/hour for BSN RN's).

    Last summer I was an intern at St. Francis Regional Medical Center in the Intensive Care Unit. I am leaning toward not working at this small hospital since I want to move up the ladder fast. So I am looking at larger hospitals... namely Abbott (Allina) or St. Joseph's (Healtheast).

    I applied to both, but am looking for feedback from nurses from both hospitals. I can't wait to start working and making money (and spending it on loan repayments, ugh)! Look forward to hearing responses.

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  3. by   Pbelle
    I think you'll find that the pay at most of the hospitals in the area are about the same for new grads no matter where you are employed. I was offered a position at an Allina facility, which I declined for a variety of reasons, and landed at Methodist, which has a great New Grad program.

    One thing you mentioned is a bit worrisome tho, your "want to move up quickly" remark. I've been working for about 6 weeks now, and moving up is the last thing on my mind - there's enough to deal with in getting through orientation and finding my own way on the unit, as well as learning something new (and from my mistakes) everyday.

    Good luck in finding a job and taking boards!