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Does anyone on here know about LPN programs in the Bloomington, MN area? I found one but it had a bunch of pre-req's, pre-req's I don't have. I am moving out there from Michigan and the programs around here don't have a lot of pre req's so I'm trying to play catch up!

Please help :)

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Hello c_woodo33,

Little bit about me...I live in Mpls, MN, just graduated LPN from Dakota County Tech College (Rosemount, MN) this June it took me 2 yrs to finish, I was going part time. If u go full time its 3 semesters. I have passed my boards, now just looking for a part time job, and start pre-reqs for RN. I think we are in hiring freeze right now though, b/c hardly any of my calssmates have found jobs yet, not even in LTC! And I have applied to over 20 places and have not been getting any calls back. Not sure if thats b/c Im a new grad or what.

So I here you are looking for schools in Bloomington, MN. DCTC (their website www.dctc.edu) does not have alot of pre-reqs but its about 25 miles SE of Bloomington I only had to wait like one semester to do pre-reqs then I was in. I pretty much had to get in where they let u in no matter where it was. There are not any schools directly in Blooimington, except for Normandale CC and they have an RN program, pretty long waitlist. Other LPN programs in Twin Cites would be at the following schools, all have about the same pre reqs. DCTC-Rosemount, St Paul College-St Paul, Minneapolis Community and Technical College-Mpls, Hennepin Technical College-Eden Prairie, and I think Anoka Technical college-near Coon Rapids. U can look at the Minnesota state colleges and universities website and it will show you the schools and what programs they have and u can look at each colleges website. One unique thing about Minneapolis Comm and Tech, is that once you get into their program its designed so that once you finish the first 2 semesters you have done the LPN part and can take boards at that point and be an LPN or you can continue the next two semesters and go on to be RN. The schools that have RN programs such as Inver Hills CC, Normandale, and Century have long waiting lists thats why I went the LPN route. Hope that helps. Good luck and Welcome to the Twin Cites.

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