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Hi all. Anyone have any experience with an ADN program in Minnesota not being accredited. I was just informed that the lpn-rn bridge program that I'm supposed to start in 4 weeks lost their accreditation ( I believe early last year). They ARE listed in on the MN BON website as being approved, but not in the ACEN website.

I understand that if they are approved by the MN BON, I can still take the NCLEX. My query is more related specifically to those in MN, and if anyone has had experience with difficulty getting a job, or getting into a BSN program, because their program was not accredited. I assume I wouldn't be able to transfer my license out of state if my program isn't accredited?? On the ACEN website, it says "candidate status: March 2018-March 2020" . Any ideas on what that means?? TIA!!

I probably won't have much sound advice on this, I am in MA.

My school was approved lately with a warning, they just have to update specific policies and paperwork type stuff. I was nervous at first, but my school is working hard to make sure their accreditation stays in good standing. I received a ton of emails about it reassuring us students that they are making sure we are safe in taking their courses.

My advice would be to contact your advisor to direct you to someone who may be able to help in this regard, I am sure you are not the only student who is concerned.

Maybe try to contact another school in your area to see about the possibility of transferring to another program. Accreditation is a big deal in the world of nursing schools, as far as I know. I have a cousin who got burned because her bridge to RN wasn't accredited, and she had to retake the classes elsewhere and lost a bunch of money. She is in VT though, everything did end up working out for her after a bunch of headaches to deal with. I don't know about other states, this is just my personal knowledge on the subject. Hope it helps and good luck.

From your perspective, accreditation is mainly just in issue with transferring. Everything else about it really doesn't matter to us. Some schools will take your classes, others won't. But most community colleges have local 4 year schools that are guaranteed transfers and acceptance (meaning acceptance to the school, getting into an RN-BSN program there is going to be just like if you transferred from any other school... It's probably going to be competitive). But if you want to go with a Bachelor's in Microbiology after your ADN, to work more directly with infectious disease, it's 100% guaranteed that you're in if you have the degree and the minimum GPA which is typically a 2.0. (Then you can always still go for an MSN from that point, just might take a little longer because of needing to fill in the nursing specific classes from the BSN bridge program that are required. Don't underestimate a bachelor's degree in the life sciences for nursing, it's very valuable knowledge for any healthcare job at the level of nursing and up)

Or, just transfer to a different school that accepts the credits. Most schools will typically accept a community college's credits if the class structure is up to date. Most of the classes that don't transfer are school-specific, or you're transferring to a school with higher standards to the class.

As for getting jobs, very few jobs care about you school. Most places you're going to apply couldn't care less which school you graduated from and what you GPA was, as long as you graduated and were able to pass the NCLEX. That's all that matters, your license. SOME jobs will ask, but that's typically only when you're in a competitive field in that area. None of us have really ever heard of a nurse that couldn't find a single job, no matter what school the degree was from. It just doesn't really happen. Yeah, maybe that hospital is only taking the top of the class for new graduates, but there's still the nursing homes, colleges (both as the student nurse or the sports crew), group home programs, home health, etc. You'll find a job.

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