minimum clinical hours for BRN?


What are the minimum clinical hours for the BRN?

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Nurses who attended nursing programs in CA need to have completed at least 800 clinical hours that run concurrently with theory (didactic) coursework.

Nurses who attended nursing school in the other 49 states need to have completed the minimum number of clinical hours required by the BON of the state where they graduated. For instance, I completed 300 clinical hours while attending nursing school in Oklahoma, and the California BRN granted me an RN license by endorsement without any issues.

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Hello there, I was wandering about the clinical hours to qualify for a California rn license. I see from your 2015 post that you said the California BRN doesn't require a minimum of 864 clinical hours for out of state grad in the 49 other states. Like my state in Ohio we don't have a minimum hours of clinicals-mine is somewhere around 600-700 hours total. My question is over the requirements they have here in the Barclays California requirements for nursing programs. The total they have based on these requirements states 3 hours equal 1 unit and you need 18 units which means you would have 54 hours and multiply that by 16 weeks and get 864 clinical hours. This appears to be for any and all nursing school programs even out of state. If you could help me out with whether this applies only to California schools or to all schools across the U.S. I would greatly appreciate it.



Barclays Official California Code of Regulations Currentness

Title 16. Professional and Vocational Regulations

Division 14. Board of Registered Nursing

Article 3. Prelicensure Nursing Programs

(a) The curriculum of a nursing program shall be that set forth in this section, and shall be approved by the board. Any revised curriculum shall be approved by the board prior to its implementation.

(b) The curriculum shall reflect a unifying theme, which includes the nursing process as defined by the faculty, and shall be designed so that a student who completes the program will have the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to function in accordance with the registered nurse scope of practice as defined in code section 2725, and to meet minimum competency standards of a registered nurse.

© The curriculum shall consist of not less than fifty-eight (58) semester units, or eighty-seven (87) quarter units, which shall include at least the following number of units in the specified course areas:

(1) Art and science of nursing, thirty-six (36) semester units or fifty-four (54) quarter units, of which eighteen (18) semester or twenty-seven

Three (3) hours of clinical practice each week throughout a semester or quarter equals one (1) unit. With the exception of an initial nursing course that teaches basic nursing skills in a skills lab, 75% of clinical hours in a course must be in direct patient care in an area specified in section 1426(d) in a board-approved clinical setting.