Minimum age for a CNA in ohio?

U.S.A. Ohio


Well I know for most states it is 16 - 17 but I was wondering what the age is for Ohio?

I'm in high school and think it would be extra smart to work in a field that I am going to purse later on :)

So if you know please let me know...

I thought to be an actual STNA you do have to be 18 but when I was an STNA we had HS girls 16-17 years old just working as caregivers in AL but they never came over to the LTC side.

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I worked as a STNA at age 17 in the Cleveland area. Just depends on the employer!

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Per Ohio guidelines you can become STNA at age 16 in Ohio. Must be 18 to assist in or maneuver a hoyer/ mechanical lift . 

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