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I am almost 40 and living in Florida. We have orders to Arkansas in June and I'm wanting to start nursing school. I have a few questions that I need help with:

1.) Is there a great on-line program I can do while waiting to move? Or school I wait and start when I get there?

2.) Is there an on-line program that I can take to get my CNA or LPN on my own?

I am paying for my own education and don't want to get scammed.

I just need HELP in figuring all of this out and where to begin. This is something in my blood, I have 2 Aunts, 3 cousins, 2 2nd cousins and my mother-in-law are all nurses. I want this so bad.

Thanks in advance for ANY help you can give!


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There is no online program available that will get you your RN unless you are an LPN or Paramedic already. You could do prerequisites online however.

Is there any on-line LPN programs? I was accepted into the LPN program here locally but I'm now moving in a few months. I just don't want to have to wait until next spring to start in Little Rock. This IS frustrating!

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I recommend you start talking to the schools in Little Rock NOW! Plan on starting there the moment you hit town ... or even plan on moving there ahead of your husband if you can. At least choose a school, find out their prereq's, etc. and be ready to start the day after the moving van delivers your stuff.

Talk to the school you choose and find out if they have any of THEIR prereq's online. You might be able to start online where you live now before you move. But you need concrete information from the school you will be attending before you can make an informed decision about that.

I have worked with many nurses who are military wives. They make it work by planning ahead of time -- and not waiting until they move to a community to begin building their lives in the new place. Sometimes, they live apart from their husbands for a few months to take advantage of an opportunity that furthers their own careers ... or they lag behind a few months after he has gone on ahead to finish up an educational program or to fulfill a committment they have made. They don't try to totally stick to the military member's timetable. They all compromise a bit and make things work by being flexible and planning ahead.

Good luck to you.

Listen, I totally understand. I was on a waiting list for nursing school for two years. The month I got my acceptance letter, my husband got orders half-way across the country. However, things worked out well for me and I was able to get into a nursing school at the new post the very next year. The thing you need to do is plan ahead. Gather all the information you can now and start planning how you will accomplish all the pre-reqs, entrance tests, etc. Then you will have everything in place when you get there. Good luck.

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