Hello. I am in the USAF. I'm currently enrolling in the LPN program. I was an EMT before I enlisted and really want to get a nursing license before my enlistment is up so I can take care of my family after I am discharged and be in the career I've wanted to be in for a long time. I've read multiple posts about this topic, posted from years ago, and apologize if im beating a dead horse. I am wondering what people did though that have been through this and how exactly it was handled with your jobs and schools and any advice that anyone can give on this? I have 3 years left and will be deploying in the coming year. I've set up so that, once everything is settled, I can do all my pre reqs and CNA during this year. This leaves two years for my LPN program which is approx only a year. I am sorry for this lengthy post but was wondering if any kind of advice at all on the matter. I took fulltime classes before with working a 72 hour work week and have my 4.0 so I believe I can handle the workload, I know its harder but I really want this, i am more or less asking about the military portion of this and how clinicals and what not are affected by it.. Do the professors work with you? Did your supervision ever change your schedule on you? Did your supervisor change while in the program, if so how did you remedy this? Thank you very much for your time. Again... i know this is very long and im sorry.

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