Military spouse needs advice!

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Hi everyone!

My fiancé is in the Navy due to be stationed in Hawaii this coming March and potentially moved the next year to Washington state.

I'm a BSN RN new grad just finishing a new grad program at Kaiser in CA for MedSurg. We've discussed it before, and I'm planning to stay here until at least next October (for 1 year experience) before moving with him. We had hoped he'd get Hawaii for his next station, so I already have my Hawaii license.

A few concerns:

1. Is it hard to find a job in Hawaii as an RN with only 1 year experience? And should I start getting in contact with recruiters now or wait til at least year?

2. Do I need to mention military status? Or would that hurt my chances?

3. With the potential move to another state less than 2 years of being in Hawaii, is it worth trying to make the move or should I wait until Washington?...which may or may not even happen [planning around the military is impossible =___="

We've been long distance for 6 years now (together for 9), so we'd really love to finally wake up next to each other and do coupley things, but I really hope I can build my nursing career while making that dream happen.

Any advice/ resources would be much appreciated! Thank you.

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I don't have any first-hand knowledge of the job climate in Hi.. hopefully, someone will be around soon to give you better info.

But I do want to assure you that areas with a heavy military presence are more accommodating to military spouses. They realize that changes in duty stations are beyond your control. If you're a top-notch nurse, they will want you for whatever period you're available!

Please thank your hun for his service.