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Mildred Elley (manhattan campus)

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Is anyone attendind Mildred Elley's LPN program(manhattan campus). I am a student starting september 20 and would like to get some feedback from previous students. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!:)

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i currently attend the nyc campus, and we are the first class that started, so far the program is great, great teachers, nothing to complain about. every 2 months we get new classes, the first two months u take 4 classes(freshman seminar, computer, medical term, bio 100) the next term u take 2 more( english and A&P1)and right now this monday we starting A&P2, and pharmacology) i dont know about next term yet, i believe every 4 to 6 months they give u a week break, we just took the first week off. At first if u doing morning, u will go to school 3 days a week 8 30 to 12 or 8 30 to 2 or 3 i dont remember and the next cycle u go to school monday thro thursday 8 30 to 12 and 8 30 to 3 with breaks in between, for the third cycle its monday to thursday 9 30 to 12 and thursday 9 30 to 4. therefore as u can see the hours are great, some of the kids dont work and some still have their fulltime job including me, if u make sure u study and pass every test with higher than 74 there is no way u will not pass the class, but u cannot get lower than a C if u do u will have to repeat, and u dont get to repeat the class right away, they will give u other classes and if u pass them u will get to repeat the ones u failed previously. make sure not to have a lower than a C try not to miss any classes and u will be fine. so far i cant complain about the school, and the location is great. and also u can transfer english an psy within 10 years, and A&P 1 and A&P2 withing 3 years, idk if they change the rules, if u need anymore info just let me know.GOODLUCK.

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hi ruthie

do you still love it?

i will be starting in march. i am so excited. i just have a few questions. i will be taking evening classes.

will we have to wear uniform?

did you have to get medical clearance before you started (a physical)

do you know any of the locations for the clinicals?

about how many students are in your classes?

do you have labs with a&p?

i'm sure i have more. but that's it for now. maybe i'll see you there.

i already have:


a&p 1



medical terminology

and microbiology

i still have to have official transcripts sent to see which credits will transfer. i also have psychology but it is too old.

looking for more info......

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i am going to start my classes this month but i still haven't receive the acceptance latter yet. i am really worried, i am paying everything form my pocket. And i have some credits form other college but i wonder if they will accept them. Can someone please tell me more about this college and how things works!!!!!!!!!!

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