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Midwestern State University Applying for spring of 2015

Hello Everyone, I stalk this website all the time and read many forums from many different people whether it's from peoples' Hesi scores from 2011 to people getting accepted/rejected from schools in 2014.

I am applying for Midwestern State University for the spring of 2015, I currently go to Tarrant County College and I drove down to Wichita Falls to hand deliver my packet today. I talked to the advisor and she told me what points they usually accept people. All the advisor could tell me was that acceptance was based upon the pool of applicants, but because it is the spring semester the volume isn't as high and usually the cut off is about 65-68 points. I am not sure what the points were for the fall of 2014, but this was her rough estimate for the spring. I do not know if I am doing my points correctly, but the way I calculated it I have 72 points. My overall Hesi score was a 90.2%. I am also applying for Prairie View, and A&M Commerce.

The reason I started this forum was because I was I figure that I join because I am on here so much. In addition, I will be posting my HESI study strategy and more stuff. I want to be connected to all of you prospective nurses so I can have an understanding of y'alls view from a different perspective. So, if people who have got in the program, or people who are like me and applying want to inform other or me. Want to join this thread then it would be great. Therefore, good luck to everyone!

Good luck I hope to hear that you got in I also will be applying for Midwestern State University's RN program only I am applying for the accelerated program in the summer of 2015 I have not yet taken my hesi exam and I'm a little worried because my math isn't that great I already have a bachelors degree from Midwestern State University I'm going back for my second degree

Hey everyone,

I'm Breona I have applied to MWSU for Spring 2015 BSN program. I have 75 points and made a B on all sections of my HESI so I'm pretty sure I should get in, hope so ... I didn't apply to any other Nursing programs. I emailed them yesterday and she, Catherine Rudy, said we should know something by November!

Good luck to everyone

Did anyone get an email about the background check?

Hi Akamnonu8!

Wow, we have so much in common! I also go to TCC. I attend the SE campus.. and I also applied to Midwestern and A&M Commerce - Was going to apply to PVAMU but eventually decided not to. I'm constantly stalking my email and mailbox waiting on my acceptance letters lol. My #1 Choice is A&M.. the advisor there told me we should know by Nov 1st, so we have about 2 weeks! Good luck to you!! Have you heard anything from them? (TAMUC) I did.. About 2 weeks post-deadline I got an email saying they hadn't received my HESI scores and I should have them emailed over.. my application was to be placed on hold until then. Honestly, I had already thought I had a good shot at getting into their program based upon the fact that it's fairly new so their application pool wouldn't be as large. But after getting that email I REALLY think I have a good shot. I mean, how often do you hear of applications being on hold?? They probably thought I was a good applicant and just wanted to see my hesi scores (that ended up just being misplaced, thank God!). If I was a weak applicant, I don't think they would've bothered. I only got an 80.2 on my HESI tho :( I honestly didn't really study - my A&P was 2 years old and I hadn't taken Algebra yet :( My gpa was really good though, as well as extracurriculars.. so hopefully it balanced out. This suspense is killing me though!! lol. I just want it to be official already! And I didn't get an email about a background check from Midwestern. What was the email saying?

That is awsome! we do have alot in common and I hope you get in. If you didnt recieve the background check for jenna then I would email her because everyone recieved that email I wanna say early september. everyone recieves it so I would ask, also ask to see what your points assigned are because they have already made their decsion on who the top 70 applicants are that are granted admission. A&M is way too unorganized; moreover, alot of the other nursing programs have already decided and early november is way to late.

They sent out acceptance letters already for commerce. I recieved mine on the 30th, so if youre reading I would check the mail

I'm still waiting on Commerce *sigh*. I have friends that have already heard from SFA, UTA and TWU.. this is way too late of a wait..

Ive been getting mail since October. I cannot wait to find out whether or not I got accepted im sooo nervous. Here I am trying to complete my immunizations. Does anyone else know? Do we need the cpr as well as the physical? I'll ofcourse double check from the site and im getting them done anyhow just wondering. Ladies and gentlemen im so happy and cannot wait to meet each and everyone of you guys. Im sure although there'll be some challenges along the way, we'll have lots of fun getting to do what we love. Good luck to you all!


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