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Are there any other students on the waiting list/already in the Middlesex ADN program? What do you think of it? What are its strengths and drawbacks?

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I am in the evening program and am in the middle of second semester. Its a good program so far. Waitlist was long, I waited two yrs till I was called. Are u trying for full time or part time program?

I'm now qualified for rolling admissions to the full-time program. My application is for Spring 2013, so I shudder to think how long it will take before I actually get in.

Specializes in Psych, Hospice, Surgical unit, L&D/Postpartum.

I can bet u have atleast a yr to wait. In december the letters are mailed for the following sept admitted students, and in June the letters are mailed for the following January admitted students. Its long but its worth it. As long as u stay on top of things and keep checking in with the nursing secretary u should b good.

Thank you for the tips! At the end of this semester, I'll only have A&P II left, so at least when I start the actual nursing courses I won't have any others to worry about! Pending my certification test by the Red Cross, I'll also be working as a nursing assistant, so the time should hopefully pass by quickly!

Specializes in Psych, Hospice, Surgical unit, L&D/Postpartum.

Hey that's great. Being a cna will give u great experience esp since first semester clinical is mostly learning skills u would learn as a nursing assistant so u will b that ahead of the game. The instructors like it when students have some expgoing into the program. It makes understanding things that much easier...

Hi, Im in the ADN fulltime Day program and I love it:) Its tough and very demanding but keep focused and work hard youll do great. The waiting list is very long. I was very lucky to only wait roughly 6 months

Hello, I'm a future LPN student and I will like to apply for an LPN-RN at Middlesex CC . Does anyone knows about the pre req ? My lpn program will waive me A&P, microbiology, nutrition and pharmacology, so I'm working on it right now, I started the LPN program in late August but will like to put my name somewhere for the bridge because I'm faithfull that I will get my license before next fall.

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