Wondering if it is time to move

  1. HI guys, question for you

    I currently work in "intermediate ICU" we take everything except brain drains, CRRT,and swans. (We can titrate all drips, push adenosine,vents, take fresh surgicals, do our own codes, etc.) How will I know when it is time to move to the main ICU? I want to learn these skills and eventually go to CRNA but, I don't want to drown. I am feeling pretty confident in my skills. I have talked to the agency RN's and asked them what they think (since they have a TON of experience) and they think I will be fine but, I don't know if they would tell me if I wasn't ready.
    I have had many main ICU pt's but am still feeling a little nervous. I am also worried because I have heard the regular staff in ICU can be kind of mean to new people. However, I do not personally know any of the staff.I found myself helping the nurses that came out in May the other day, and to be honost felt a bit bad for them. They should have someone with more experience helping them
    I have worked in my unit for about 12 months. Any suggestions???
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    Hey MSU nurse thanks. Are you by chance in MI? I am an UM nurse! Oh no!! I graduated last december, you? CAT