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Curious about Critical Care.... I have been an EMT for 5 years,was an LPN for 4 and now have been an RN for 8 months....I've been on the floor for years and want to know !!!!!! What's it like? Whats... Read More

  1. by   Ruby Vee
    Originally posted by RN't-I-Cute
    Hey Ruby, good luck! My husband is originally from Bowie, MD --- about 40 minutes south of Baltimore. I hope you like the east And as far as jobs, with 25 years of experience, you shouldn't have a hard time finding one. Johns Hopkins and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County are both very good hospitals located in or around Baltimore. Good luck!
    Thanks! Do you happen to know where's the best place to go for CT surgery? I'm looking for the most happening job!

  2. by   Geeg
    Go for it, unit nurses get more respect. There were docs who totally ignored me on the floor, and suddenly one week later I was in the unit and they were asking my opinion. I felt like saying: "Oh, have we met before?"