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  1. Could anyone share with me the wages in Florida for a Critical Care Nurse with 20 years of experience?

    I have a friend who's husband is relocating soon and would appreciate any info that you might have.


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  3. by   barb o
    A friend of mine relocated to Florida near Miami about 2 years ago. She was being offered in the range of $44K per year. She has over 10 years in ICU, and a Master's degree. If your friend is looking to move up, she will be faced with being paid less than what she is worth, or competing with other, cheaper nurses with lesser degrees. If she just wants an ICU job, she should be able to find one, but don't work for Columbia.
  4. by   andolini
    if your friend wants to work prn. its about $30 per hour. otherwise it is less with benefits. As prn she can work 3 or 4 days a week. Now the new problem some hospitals are using new grads to pay less and I mean like 18 per hour. So no matter how experience you or she is they want to save money at the expense of the patient. Sorry but new grads should not be in ISC or ICU. I was new about 15 yrs ago and I would not want to start out on these high risk patients.