Recommend a Good Book?

  1. Hi, I am transferring to the ICU from Med/surg can anyone recommend a good overall critacal care book? There are a multitude available, which ones have you found invaluable on your units?

    Thank you
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  3. by   MarkHammerschmidt
    Hi phantom - um, actually, aren't you on my list? Anyhow - you might look at a website I set up containing a number of peer-reviewed (that's to say "real-nurse" reviewed) articles on critical care. Hopefully helpful.
  4. by   ERNurse752
    I can see I'm a little outdated here, but a good quick reference book I found is called Fast Facts for Adult Critical Care. You can look at it, and buy it at
    I have it, and when I bring it to work, everyone asks how they can get it too!
  5. by   EllanRN
    I am also starting out in ICU after working in Tele. I use Kathy White's Fast Facts at work for quick reference. It has a ton of useful info. For an indepth textbook, I have Critical Care Nursing: Diagnosis & Management by Thelan, Urden, Lough and Stacy. I keep it at home but am always looking up information (esp. pathophys) It always has the answer for me. Good luck.
  6. by   PhantomRN
    Thank you for your recommendations. I did pick up a couple of books that I like.......

    Quick reference to Critical Care by Diepenbrock,

    A review book called:
    Critical care certification by Ahrens

    I have the aacn's book on critical care review, while it is loaded with info it is laid out in a outine format which I dont like. The Ahrens book is laid out kind of like a text, but I dont have to read all the garbage to get to the meat of the topic.

    But of course I have read all of Mark's files at least once. Some several times. They are very good.
  7. by   sikevin
    Hello, I switched to ICU a year ago, and also bought the fast facts book which I carry along with a current drug book, it seems like there are new drugs every week. We are lucky enough to have as our nurse educator someone who is an author of a Mosby's Critical Care text. It's called Critical Care Nursingiagnosis and Management. It's pretty well laid out, and seems to cut to the chase without a lot of filler
  8. by   nurseangela
    Dear Phantom,

    When I first got into critical care I was given a book called"High Acuity Nursing". The authors are Kidd and Wagner. I found it to be very helpful. Another good book to try if you want something a little more intense is "Pass CCRN" by Robin Donohue Dennison. Either one is really good. Good luck.
  9. by   Stormy
    My vote for a favourite textbook is Thelan's "Critical Care Nursing - Diagnosis and Management". Several critical care orientation programs use this text as their reference for new staff .