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  1. I will be starting my preceptorship in a few weeks in an ICU. I am very excited about it! What should I be focusing on before I start? Chest tubes, ventilators, hemodynamic studies, telemetry, what else? All suggestions welcome-Thanks!
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    i just gave my 2 cents on this type a question earlier to another simaliar post. i'd recommend getting comfortable with basics at first, you must have the basic ground work of basic nsg down, along with basic pharmocology and acls protocols. get comfortable with basic ekg rhythms before you try to figure ant./septal mi's. chest tubes are a good start read up on them. the vents and hemodynamics will come soon enough. believe me, getting a new nurse to the unit thats "johnnie on the spot" with iv starts, ng's,abc's of acls and good patient assessment is looked upon more favorable than a new nurse that may sound like they have the basic understanding of svo2's,swanz and pacers but can't check to see if the chest tube has an airleak cause they don't know basics. but then again, if you already know the basic and are comfortable, nevermind what i just posted. but anyway good luck...
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    I agree. Know the basics. How much you get to learn depends on how long your preceptorship is. I'd say write down any meds or procedures that you do not know and study them when you get home.

    Also, check out for a lot of great info on the ICU. I bought several books on ICU and I still like this free website.

    Good luck and have fun,

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    Thanks for the advice!! I'll definately brush up on chest tubes as well