PICC removal

  1. Could anyone explain how to properly remove a PICC line? I have found lots of info on inserting a PICC, but not on removing.

    One of our PICC nurses had patient lie flat, she removed the sutures, had patient inhale, and then upon exhalation she smoothly removed the line.

    The AACN procedure manual does not cover PICC removal. Just curious. What do you say?


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  3. by   GregRN
    Yep. Just like you would a plain ol' central line. Think about where the PICC line comes to rest: same place as a central line. The same hazard exists with a PICC, that is, air embolism. So we d/c them in the same manner as other central lines. The only difference between a central line and a PICC is that the PICC is peripherally inserted (the name almost gives it away... ).