PDA's in the ICU

  1. I am currently an RN in an MS-ICU. I am considering buying a palm pilot to use at work. I am also considering going to CRNA school someday and the program in my area requires you to have one. If someone could give me some advice using about using it at work and if it is a good resource to have. Thank you NEC
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  3. by   TinyNurse
    I have a sony clie as a new graduate. After NCLEX I will begin work in a cardio/thoracic ICU.
    hope this is of some reference, I know some people that use palm though, it all depends on the progs you choose to buy and the size of your palm.
  4. by   TraumaNurse
    I would suggest the Sony Clie with a 128mb memory stick or at least a 64 mb. You can use a lot of the ICU/critical care programs and have excellent graphics to boot! I use my epocrates regularly as well as a couple of other programs. The clie picture is great, so I can see pictures of my kids any time I want while at work. The prices have come down a lot since I purchased mine a few years ago which makes the Clie an even better choice.
  5. by   nicudaynurse
    So how much do they cost????
  6. by   TraumaQueen
    I think mine was somewhere around 350-400$ US

    I have the sony clie.... it's nice!
  7. by   nightingale
    Hi there:

    I have a Palm M515 and LOVE it! I am a med/surg nurse who floats, and an Agency Nurse, to various facilities.

    There are excellent posts already on this BB that will answer your questions plus give you a lot of ideas. Here is one of my favorite posts that I still heck on on from time to time:


    If the link does not work let me know.

    Also, try doing a search; it is the top blue button in the line of optional buttons across from the AllNurses Logo labeled "search". It is a great way of obtaining info tht has been discussed before.

    I hope that helps, if not let us know and we will help you.

    I visited the medical bookstore of my graduating college recently. I was pleased to see a lot of PDA software (you still have to download it from the Internet) on sale. There was also a prepackaged bundle that was a requirement for the senior clinical nurses.

    PDA's are a tremendous asset in nursing care information; they are quick, accessible, and dowright fun to use. Not cheap though.