Ortho med-surg to SICU- new grad decision?

  1. Hi, just wondering if a year or two in Ortho med-surg is a good start in better preparing myself in transitioning to SICU. If not, what moves should I take in preparing to go into the SICU.

    I love surgical instead of medical, but I also am thinking of going to a surgical floor with telemetry. Although I know this is probably the best move to make but I don't know if I like the manager and staff on this floor. Help me make the best decision.

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  3. by   RNperdiem
    A few things to consider-
    Wherever you start, the first year of nursing is considered to be a stressful year. There is a lot to learn, but there is a big emotional component that is hard to describe. I compare it to a person's first year as a parent.
    Consider SICU if they have a comprehensive orientation-most teaching hospitals have, community hospitals vary.
    Floors are a good place to start if the enviroment is right. If the nurses work together well, and the standards are high, and the floor is well staffed, consider floor.
  4. by   ICUadmirer
    If it helps any...I went straight to SICU after graduating...they had an awesome orientation program, I added on and put to use what was fresh in my mind, and yes, it is very important to have a group who is known to be very supportive. I know of some depts. that have a reputation of not being supportive, and they make it hard on others just trying to do their jobs, and it greatly hinders learning.

    When floating to floors, you get some of the worst patients, but you do feel a little more confident when pressures are dropping, etc.
  5. by   bubbyb
    You will do well in the SICU. I have a friend who often tells me that the nurses who struggle many times are the ones who do not have any med-surg experience and go straight to the ICUs out of school. You definitely need at least one year of med-surg before going to a specialty area. You go Girl!!!