Non-invasive hemodynamic?

  1. What`s your expirience with non-invasive haemodynamic mesurement? Do you use NICO system or bioimpedance cardiography system? Is this are future of haemodynamic mesurement? Swan`s = history?
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  3. by   heart queen
    we trialed of Lidco or Ldco. The lithium based non invasive monitor. Pt. swaned and had the lithium monitor, started pre op- went through CABG with anesthesia then post op for 48 hrs.

    We found them VERY accurate, yet so expensive, had to purchase all new monitors as well, each unit over $25,000. We did a capital depreciation and found it about a mile above our budget line :angryfire Those silly accountants!

    I was SOLD from a nursing and patient care stance, but those number crunchers did NOT buy in!
  4. by   my2sons
    Kind of on topic...We haven't tried any non-invasive monitoring of that type. We have not however, been using Swans on each and every open heart we do. Many times they come back with bilateral IJ or SC double/triple lumen catheters and an art line. We transduce a CVP and go from there. These patients are typically "healthy" off-pump CABGs, who usually do pretty well.
  5. by   IamRN
    We have one in our unit (can't remember which one). It is nifty because it is a portable unit. We don't use it that often though, all of our hearts come to us swan'd