NICU nurse transitioning into SICU

  1. Hello, I have been a NICU nurse for the last four years and I love it. Lately, however, I have been seriously considering CRNA and would like to get some SICU experience. I have two issues:

    1. Consideing that I have only worked with preemies for the last four years, should I go straight into SICU or would a med surg unit be better?

    2. What hospitals in the Miami-Dade county/broward county area offer the best SICU experience?

    Any comments on this subject matter will be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   ukstudent
    I don't have much experience so take this advice however you like. I would just go into the SICU. As a NICU nurse you already have the critical thinking part down and great assessment skills (none of your pts can talk and say what hurts). You can learn the adult meds on orientation.
    As for a good SICU in your area, I would suggest a large teaching hospital, but I have no idea what any of them are like to nurses.
  4. by   Skrawberri
    I don't have much advice for you, but I would try to go ahead and apply for CRNA school just with your NICU experience. There have been plenty of people that have gotten in with NICU experience only. If you don't get in with that, then try a big person ICU.
  5. by   smileyRn96
    If you are serious about CRNA school, look into the local programs and find out if your NICU experience will work to get you in. You may be qualified to start right away and skip the SICU. You should post this in the SRNA forums. Also, I suggest looking at why you want to be a CRNA and the types of clients you want to work with. The school will ask this question when you interview for a spot. Good luck.