New MICU position, coming from Trauma

  1. So...I've been working on a trauma unit (not ER) for the past three years. I have floated to ICU several times with mostly good experiences (except last night...looooong story ), they almost always give the floats the easy pts. Anyways, I just accepted a position in our MICU. I have anywhere between 2-6 weeks before I will start my new position and am planning on doing some studying before I start the 3 month orientation process. There are a couple of books I've noticed that have great reviews that I'm going to purchase but am also wanting to find some good web sites. The only one I've seen people mention on here is, but unfortunately since I have microsoft works instead of word, I am unable to open anything up from this web site. Are there any other good MICU/ICU web sites that you know of? Also, any other tips that you can share would be totally appreciated for my transition!
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  3. by   tswim

    btw, you could download a 1-month trial of Office if you want to view
  4. by   WSU_Ally_RN
    I only had Microsoft works for quite a while, and I was always able to open the documents on the documents always just converted. Sometimes the pictures didn't show up right, but I was able to read them ok... I wonder why they don't convert for you?
  5. by   Deb123j
    Thanks for your responses! I never thought about trying to do a trial download of word. Anyways...I purchased the book from the web site. My oh has a lot of wonderful information in it! I'm going to try to get through it before I start my orientation.
    WSU_Ally_RN - I don't know why my works won't convert things, it tries but then fails. I'm definately going to have to get word before I start my online bsn program!
  6. by   armyicurn
    Go Mac and you will say good bye to Billy Gates. Open Office dot org has a very similar office like suite for free. Google it and see if they have if for your OS. But recommend you think about going Mac. More freebies and more stable OS.

    Good luck.
  7. by   TrinCell
    You don't need Word. You can download Word Viewer for free from Microsoft if you just want to read (not edit) Word documents. Alternatively, you could get OpenOffice (free).