New grad programs in GA

  1. I was just wondering if you guys could recommend any hospitals with new grad ICU programs in GA.
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  3. by   southernchickrn
    i work at university hospital in augusta, ga. they have a great new grad program. in fact, you can be hired right into icu if you want. i was already working there during nursing school as a pca. during my last semester of school, i transferred to the icu for my externship. the new grad program consists of three weeks of classses covering everything possible including a basic dysrythmia class. also, you are assigned a mentor and a preceptor. your mentor is usually someone outside of your unit. they are with you for a year and are kind of like your big sister/brother for any advice, shoulder to cry on, etc. after your classes, you also get to take a critical care course for 6 weeks sponsored by the local chapter of the association of critical care nurses. your actual orientation lasts up to 12 weeks, a little longer if you need it. i have about 2 weeks left before the apron strings are cut, but i feel like i'm ready since i have such a great support group in the icu. the pay is 14.00 an hour while you are a nurse intern. once you get your license, your base pay is 18.50.

    there are also new grad programs at medical college of georgia, doctor's hospital, st. joseph's hospital all in augusta, and at aiken regional medical center across the savannah river in aiken, sc.

    good luck!

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