Negative CVP? - page 2

Im an old nurse (14yrs), but new to ICU. Hoping someone can answer a question for me. What does it mean or what can it mean when your cvp number goes negative? I know the transducer has to be level... Read More

  1. by   Indy
    Isn't it also possible to just watch the patient breathe, and, at end expiration, glance at the monitor? The number changes all the time...
  2. by   christen13
    It is not possible to have a true negative CVP!! You will see a negative reading on the monitor, but that is not the actual cvp....unless you have a MAJOR problem. Negative pressure in the vein....not good. Check the line, look at the waveform, look at the patient, positioning can change the reading.....but it is NOT negative. Do not chart a negative cvp!! Think about it .... all shift you are saying the patient has negative pressure!!! Ouch, you didn't do something about this???? What it may and usually does indicate is that the cvp is low and they are dry.....but not that dry