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  1. Good afternoon everyone. I am an ICU RN in a large referral community on modified work due to an out of hosp injury. Management have we working with an educator, as a "research assistant". They currently have me researching best practise guidlines on how to effectively log-roll technique,procedure etc...does anyone know of any articles that they mey have come across or studies done on how to log-roll, aswell if the article happens to apply to spinal injury that is fine as this is the pt population that it is directed for. There is very little data out there, all the info that I have found is scarce. The one thing I have come across many policies from different hospitals, however there are no bibliographies with them...thank-you for your time...
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  3. by   begalli
    I was able to google "log rolling spinal injuries" and found lots and lots of stuff. Don't know if this is what you're looking for, but here are a few:




  4. by   tde1992
    I am an RN also an Occupational Therapist who have worked with lots of spinal injuries back surgery patients. Check rehab journals, rehab textbooks where you can find multiple articles. Type in something like status post lumbar laminectomy, compression fractures. Also you can look under orthopedic journals. Go to the American Occupational Therapy website, the American Physical Therapy website or Orthopedic association website and they will give you the websites for different online rehab journals.