Joining the ICU nurses.

  1. Well I just graduated from nursing school..waiting to take my NCLEX and I have accepted a position in the ICU at my local hospital. It is a 16 bed ICU, and I am really excited!! I have been reading through the threads to try to "prepare" myself. I am completely ready to be out of my element and uncomfortable for quite a while. To learn soooo much, to come home and study...probably more than I did in school. To soak up everything I can from the experienced nurses that I will be working with. I just wanted to do a quick intro, as I am sure I will be coming here once in a while!! Cannot wait to join the ranks!!!
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  3. by   RNnewgrad
    I just finished an ICU intern program. I recommend getting Critical Care Secrets, a book outlining most aspects of critical care in Q and A format--easy to understand. Also, Pepid or Appocrites or some kind of program for your PDA or Blackberry, so you can carry the info around with you.
    Good luck! You'll be fine...and remember, the hospital won't let you go on your own unless they feel confident about your abilities. :spin: