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  1. Hi all, I graduated may 2005, worked surgery for 9 months, took a critical care course in April 2006, and I now work ICU and CCU in a sommunity hospital. Icu is only 6 beds with 4 step down beds. We get stuff like sepsis, COPD intubations, drug overdoses, surgical post op complications, and sometimes prisma when the patent is sick enough.

    I dont really like CCU, I just find it kind of boring...mostly MI's, and ICU has the same stuff all the time, and only the more senior nurses get the really sick patients which is understandale because the unit is so small. So im applying to a larger hospital which has trauma. The unit is a 25 bed Adult ICU. I was just wondering what kind of things the larger units see. A nurse who i work with recomended I go to a lager hosptal to get the experience because I will have more opportunity to deal with sicker patients, so I was just wondering what kind of patients you all get in the larger centers in a general systems ICU and would you recomend I get The TNCC course?

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