Infection control in ICU

  1. The unit I work in is currently having trouble with various infections and the medical director and nurse unit manager are trying all sorts of methods to try and control them - Has anyone found a method that works and is cost effective. (please don't say hand washing, as I know this is the obvious answer.)
    Many thanks
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  3. by   gwenith
    Hayden I won't say handwshig because I think we sometimes zero in on this and overlook other factors. We have an unusual policy or at least I orignally thought so until I saw it justified.

    NOTHING from the patient gets put down the handwashing sinks - NOTHING not sponge bowl water not NG aspirate not anything!!! It is all taken to the sluice room and emptied there. It does cause more work but it also keeps infections under control. We had a recent outbreak and now have added to this precaution by running the hot tap for 20 minutes each night.

    Could you tell us which infections you are having difficulty with too as this might help pinpoint some answers.

    Ps Pm me is you want I only live "up teh road" in QLD!!!
  4. by   Janet Barclay
    Hi Hayden: Folowing several run ins with steno, MRSA, VRE and all the other nasties, we started doing a "terminal clean" on our rooms post transfer of patients. This includes washing the walls as well as the beds and surfaces and changing the curtains, etc. This takes longer, but has seemed to help.We also installed alcohol handwash on the wall outside of the rooms, cause we all know that when the vent is alarming,(or worse) we don't have time to properly handwash.
    regards, janet
  5. by   glascow
    I love the alcohol handwashing on the wall outside the rooms, here is what happened to ours:
    (Email from manager)

    Subject: QuickCare Foam
    > Due to the Life Safety Code and at the request of the Fire Marshal, all
    > QuickCare Foam Hand Cleaner will be removed from Patient Care Hallways,
    > beginning this evening. Replacement locations and products are being
    > evaluated. Any QuickCare found this evening will be placed in the work
    > area of the nurses station. Please continue to use infection control
    > practices, especially good hand hygiene and good, effective handwashing.
    > We will keep you informed of any updates in this matter.
    > Environment of Care Committee
    > Infection Control Committee
    > Patient Safety Committee
    > Life Safety Committee
  6. by   bedpan
    Just started clinicals in a LTC facility a few weeks ago and I keep a small squeeze bottle of the alcohol gel handwash in my pocket - I use it constantly and I even use it AFTER washing my hands sometimes due to it's claim of 99.9% effectiveness - When it gets close to being empty I refill it from the wall mounted dispensors.