ICU Nurse Resume Help!

  1. I graduated this past December (2011), I am a BSN RN working in a medical-surgical ICU, the management where I am working is horrible! There are many things going on at this hospital that are not right and not safe. I am looking for new job placement elsewhere and would like to update my resume now that I am an RN and have some experience. However, I am horrible with writing resumes and need help with what to put down under the ICU position.. like skills etc. Im horrible with wording things on resumes. Any help/examples would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   formyinfo
    Just curious....did you accept your position for the med/surg floor because you could not obtain your first choice in ICU? Seems to be the problem that I am hearing. Thanks
  4. by   KatieBug713
    I am working med surg ICU not a regular med surg floor.