ICU Job Description

  1. Would any one here be interested in posting their job description from their resume for their work experiance as an ICU Nurse?

    Im a new grad and start working in the ICU in about 3 weeks but not aware of the extent of my duties and I need to prepare a resume this week.

    p.s. Its an honor to be a part of this profession, I just passed last week. I feel different when I go out in public and walk around........our word now carries more weight.........what we speak now is taken as solid truth.
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  3. by   pawashrn
    your experience in ccu is nill. you have nothing to place on a resume other than your education and any work you may have done prior to being a nurse. And I mean this great respect. The resume is a piece of paper describing your past experience. Sell yourself on the face to face interview. Wear regular clothes conservative, not a uniform. have a letter of recommendation from your critical care instructor. review your critical handbook, so that, you can talk the language. A-line/swan-ganz/ triple luman cath/ Iabp/ Prepare intelligent questions, what is the patient to nurse ratio/ what level of critical care is the unit/ what type of patients are the great part of the population in the unit/ how accessable are the physicians in an emergency/ does the hospital allow time for ongoing education. This is just my opinion. Good luck on your venture and welcome to the critical nurse family. We are a special breed.