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I became an RN 21 years ago. I'm a nurse because I can't imagine doing anything else. I have always loved being a nurse and going to work. I work as charge nurse of a 16 bed Neuro and Surgical ICU... Read More

  1. by   MedicineMan
    I was an idealist when I entered the nursing field, and it took 5 years in a level I trauma center to beat that out of me. I hid out in a CCU for a year and a half. Then accidently took a job in an ICU with a new open heart program.

    I was lost until then, I felt the only reason in nursing I loved(trauma) had left the profession, and I did not know why I should ever care/come to work anymore. I bumbled into the open heart arena with a laxidasical attitude, then it hit me....... some times patients do get better, and we do make a positive influence with our myriad of procedures. Mind you, I was not a nievete to the real world, but one who had felt we were just practicing on human lives, and they(pts), and us(medical staff) did not care about the real issues, or if any real good came from what we did. Working in an inner city ER will make you cynical ay best, brokenhearted at worst, and I was right in the middle.

    A fresh look at a new realm of cardiothoracic interventions turned my world around, and refocused my nursing career. Bottom line.....look towards an entirely new venue of nursing, inspire yourself to start to care more about your career. Try OB, yea I said OB. Catch a couple hundred beautiful little babies, and share some happiness for a while.

    Try a venue of nursing that has a happy ending. Like you said you only have 9 years to go, so let go. Give up the hassle of management, and go into some other field. Yea it's scary, but the end result will be invigoration of your pysche, and career. Come out of the stress of SICU, and try something more slow paced. Peds, dialysis, IV therapy, school nursing. All of these venues are places my collegues have moved to, and most had good experiences. At least a fresh look at themselves.

    I wish you luck..........Ed