1. How fast should you push an amp of Calcium Chloride for hyperkalemia?
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    We are happy to help but I would follow your facilities recommendations for the administration of this drug. Call your pharmacy for the policy/recommendations. Usually it is not administered at a rate greater than 1ml/min unless in a resuscitation situation.
    RxMed: Pharmaceutical Information - CALCIUM CHLORIDE INJECTION USP
  5. by   nikkicoliCCRN
    I agree to follow your faciltiy policy but my guess is that you can't and shouldn't. Calcium chloride should only be pushed in a code. Are you thinking about Calcium gluconate? That can be pushed. You might want to check because there is a big difference.
  6. by   jkr2020788
    (1ml=100 mg in a 10%solution im pretty sure?) During emergent hypocalcemia- 500mg-1000mg IV over 10 mins, for arrhytmias- 500mg-1000mg IV q10 prn 0.5ml-1ml/ min, for hypermagnesemia 500mg, 0.5ml-1ml / min. For cardiac resus- (check it before doing it but im 98% sure its 2-4mg/kg q10 per serum levels.

    What I remember someone telling me is that CHLORIDE is about 2x more potent then GLUCANATE. (meq CA)

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