how well.........

  1. how well are nurses paid? In every Unit
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  3. by   catrn10
    Since you live in North Georgia, you can expect to make a little more with a BSN than a carpet mill worker. As you get experience, you can quit the hospital, and go agency. Been here 5 years. Work in Chattanooga, if you can, the pay is higher at the 2 larger hospitals.To give you an idea, I took a $5,000/yr cut in pay just by moving from Kingsport, Tennessee to Northwest Georgia. Pay has been getting better the last two years. But it's way below the 30/hr they tell you you'll make in school. I quit working for the hospitals, and went agency and tripled my annual income. Does that tell you anything? As a matter of fact, I am currently on a travel assignment in Central Georgia. I will return home and I plan on going to work at Erlanger. I consider it to be the best hospital in the area. I don't mind the pay cut, I'm tired of agency and travel anyway. I miss the stability, the guarantee of hours, and the education.