How to find Level listings?

  1. Hi everyone!

    Short of calling each hospital (or looking each one up on the web)... does anyone know of a way to find a listing of Level I, Level II etc. ICUs/hospital units in the States?

    I have googled just about every description that I can think of and dice.

    thanks for any help or postings
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  3. by   suzanne4
    We normally do not classify ICUs with the I,II, or III that you are talking about. You usually see it only in terms of Trauma Centers, Nursey ICUs, as well as Pediatric ICUS.

    Level I Trauma are for the most severe or seriously wounded, they can handle anything and everyhting that ocmes thru the door.

    However, with NICU, as well as PICU, the ranking is the opposite, meaning the Level IIIs care for the most critical. Sometimes, you will see Level IV for an NICU, and that just means one that has ECMO capabilities. Level IIIs can take care of any neurosurgical problem, as well as cardiac.
  4. by   introspectiveRN
    Thank you very much . Any other descriptions would also be greatly appreciated....