How often do you work in close contact with CRNA

  1. I will be switching my shift In the surgical ICU to working the night shift instead. I have a history with the CRNA that tends to take call meaning he will be there a lot at night. I am hoping to be able to avoid him as much as possible. My question is, how often do you have to work near or with the CRNA if they are the main anesthesiologist at the hospital? Like I said I will be working in the surgical ICU.
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  3. by   smf0903
    I have been working ICU for about 6 months now and have seen/talked to an anesthesiologist of any sort on the floor exactly one time.

    I suppose this will depend greatly on the types of post-op patients you get (we get mostly post-op vascular but get patients from time-to-time that have trouble such as possible aspiration during surgery. We're a small hospital and don't do many major surgeries like open hearts...even STEMIs get shipped from us so we're pretty small potatoes)
  4. by   CowboyMedic
    At our facility, the only time we see anesthesia is when we are receiving a patient straight from the OR or if we have a Code Airway and need immediate intubation. I may see anesthesia once a week.